After 6 years in The Annex neighbourhood, The Immergluck has relocated to Toronto’s Roncesvalles Neighbourhood. 

Over the last 6 years the Immergluck has slowly shifted from a studio-for-hire into being a production space for Matthew Bailey. Most recently it was used to record and produce Sameer Cash’s “This City” and Hiroki Tanaka’s Kaigo Kioku Kyoku”.

Matthew has also scored films such as CBC short doc “Billsville”, web series “Flush” (w/Ivy Mairi) and most recently an advertisment in collaboration with Adjacent Possibilites in which he contributed the score and sound design. 

Matthew has contributed music for podcasts such as “Sound Interesting” (w/Playdate) and Green Shield which featured his orginal compositions. 

While Matthew’s focus has been on producing records he is more than happy to work with you on any of your music/audio related needs. This could involve mastering, editing audio, choosing music for a film or any other needs you may have.

Matthew has created a portable, high quality recording set-up that he loans out to artists he is working with. He is also more than happy to help anyone looking to set-up their home studio during this time. Reach out if you’d like help, he’s always happy to share what knowledge he has!