The Immergluck is a safe space that welcomes all people, genders, races, religous faiths and LGB2QT identifiers. 

It is engineered and operated by Matthew Bailey who has also worked at Chalet Studios, The Gas Station and is also a FOH sound engineer at The Burdock.  

The Immergluck is similar to a large commerial studio’s “B” room. It is an acoustically treated “dead” space that’s perfect for professional quality overdubs, smaller ensembles/bands, analog effect processing, re-amping, grant demos, vocal work, etc. 

 At The “Gluck” you’ll have an experienced recording engineer who knows the equipment and the space. Before working out of The Immergluck I recorded from home and on location for many different projects...... every space is different and has it’s own quirks. Whether it’s a ground hum/radio interference in the signal, a bat in the rafters of the church, creaky floorboards or noisy neighbours, there’s always something. Frustration & creativity don’t usually seem to mix well.....thankfully after 5 years of recording at The Immergluck all the annoying something’s are nothings and we can just focus on the music you’re making. 

 I want to collaborate with you, make the sounds in your head become the sounds we’re listening back to at the end of the day. That’s the best feeling.