I’m generally not a fan of gear lists as I feel that personalities, room vibe and various other factors can often play a greater role in making a recording sound and feel nice. Disclaimer aside, some people just want to know!

Coles 4038
Neumann KM184 Stereo Pair
Steller Rm7 (stereo ribbon)
EV RE-320
Shure sm57 x2
Shure beta58
Apex 210 (modded)

Pre amps
2x Neve 1073lb
2x API 512c
UA 6176
Focusrite ISA 428

Apogee Symphony 16 I/O

Rack Effects
2x Neve 1073eq EQ
Neve 2264alb compressor/limiter
Vermona DSR-3 stereo spring reverb
Vesta Fire RV-2 spring reverb

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
Vermona Perfourmer
Moog Minitaur
Moog Subharmonicon
Elektron Digitone
Elektron Samples

1964 Gibson 330
Parts Jazzmaster
Kay Truetone
 80’s MIJ Fender P-bass
1930’s Kay Kraft acoustic

Heinzman upright Piano 
Taye drums
DrZ Z28 guitar amp
Various effect pedals
Moog MF 101 Lowpass Filter
Moog MF102 Ring Modulator
Moog MF 103 Phaser
2x Moog MF Delay + Moogerfooger CP251
Lots of guitar pedals....

Plug ins
Soundtoys bundle
Izotope RX Standard bundle
Rare Signals Transatlantic Plate Reverb
Various Waves, Slate, Arturia, etc.