I’m generally not a fan of gear lists as I feel that personalities, room vibe and various other factors can often play a greater role in making a recording sound and feel nice. Disclaimer aside, some people just want to know!
***currently, some gear is being shared at our sibling studio, Arthaus, if you are requiring anything specific please ask first****

Coles 4038
AKG 414
EV RE-320
Shure Sm7
Steller Rm7 (stereo ribbon)
Shure sm57 & sm58
Apex 210 (modded)

Pre amps
2x API 512c
UA 6176
Focusrite ISA 428
Yamaha PM180 (modded)

Apogee Symphony

Rack Effects
Vermona DSR-3 stereo spring reverb
Stam audio SA4000 buss compressor
Vesta Fire RV-2 stereo spring reverb

Vermona Perfourmer
Doepfer Dark Energy II
Elektron Digitone
Yamaha CP11

Heinzman upright Piano (very clean sounding)
Taye drums
DrZ Z28 guitar amp
Japanese 80’s Fender P-bass
Various guitars & effect pedals
Moog MF 101 Lowpass Filter
Moog MF 103 Phaser